Lack of user involvement is one of the primary reason for project failure (Viskovic, 2008). For overall success of a project focusing on real client needs is one of the important factors. (PMI, 2010) PMI's Government Program Management Study collected information from forty different programs across a wide variety of government agencies found that 81% of program managers at U.S. government agencies said that stakeholders engaged throughout the project had a high impact on success this proves that users must actively involve during all phases of the project. A project team that takes into account the user needs and understands their real problems has a positive effect on a successful outcome. Standish group collected information on real-life environment and projects it collected from 50,000 projects. Executives were asked to rate the difficulty of their projects in mastering the project management skill in working with users on the essential features. Only 14% of them answered that it's not a difficult task, 6% of them found it very difficult, 36% of them found it somewhat difficult, 44% of them found it difficult. Information shows that 94% of the executives belief was getting requirement from the user and actively involving them in the project as a challenging task. (Standish, CHAOS Manifesto, 2013). Even if you achieve all the other project objectives, a project is deemed a success only when your end goal is to have the developed product accepted by the user for who the project designed. For example, the project finished on time and within the budget with all the project objectives, is not successful if the end users are not interested in using the new product. A study of 612 findings of published research from 1980 to 2004 on the determinants of project success found that user participation positively affects three measures of success: User Satisfaction, Perceived Usefulness, and Quality of the System (Sabherwal, 2006). Thus identify and involve the right person in the project. For example, choose a person with the right subject expertise and can represent the organization to explain to the clients what the new system needs to do.